About Barnet Market

It has been said that “Barnet is the Market”. This is because a charter for a market in Barnet was granted by King John over 810 years ago and prior to that there was very little on the site that is Chipping Barnet. Apart from its historic value, the Stall Market is a place where shoppers can mingle in a relaxed atmosphere while picking up bargains. Shoppers can choose from fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, fish, meat and poultry, cheeses, dried fruits and so on, all at true ‘market prices’. 

About the Friends of Barnet Market

The Friends of Barnet Market (FoBM) is a group formed in 2008 with the aim of supporting and promoting the use of Barnet Market. It is made up of representatives from:

Barnet Residents Association (www.barnetresidentsassociation.org.uk),

The Barnet Society (www.barnetsociety.org.uk),

Hadley Residents Association (www.hadleyresidents.org)


FoBM has links with other local organisations too. We currently have over 500 signed-up members – if you have not already joined us, please go to Contact page. The Friends of Barnet Market have a representative on the Chipping Barnet Town Team and you can find out about developments in Barnet by visiting: www.chippingbarnettownteam.org