Fruit and Veg – Andy Gardiner and Sons

Andy Gardiner has been a trader at Barnet Market for 30 years. He is one of two fruit and veg traders in the Market offering a wide range of good quality, good value produce. Under certain circumstances, he can arrange to deliver. You can find out more about deliveries from:

Dave and Tyler Bone

Dave and Tyler’s  greengrocery stall always attracts a large crowd which often forms into a queue, evidence that the quality and value of the produce is well worth a short wait.

Heritage Cheese

This is a relatively new stall in the Market selling some wonderful farm cheeses and cooked meats. They specialise in English and Irish cheeses, the English range includes Quicke’s cheese (from the oldest dairy farm in the UK) and Ribblesdale Cheese Company’s delicious blue goats cheese. From Ireland, we particularly like Ballylisk’s cream cheese, but also try Corleggy and Cashel Irish cheeses. You will find them very knowledgeable – tell them what you like and they will advise.


Lenny’s meats and poultry

Lenny is a farmer who comes from the Chesunt area. He sells a range of poultry, game when in season, and meats of various kinds. He brings a good stock with him, but you can always order in advance for the following week. His home-made sausages, pork or venison, are delicious! You can pre-order by ringing:                 01992 641935

Brownbread’s stall

They sell an amazingly wide range of bread along with cakes and patisseries. It is a family run business which has stalls in markets across South-East England. Organic products are used wherever possible and particularly specialise in the use of sourdough although other doughs are possible too. There are more details on their website:

The Smart Coffee Company

We first saw the Smart Car coffee stall in the market before Covid, but unfortunately the first lockdown finished off this promising enterprise.  We were absolutely delighted when it appeared again in February 2022, this time with new owners, Vivien and Star.  They are quite local (Potters Bar) and are serving delicious coffee, tea and hot chocolate as before.

Young’s fish stall

We are so pleased to welcome the Market’s latest stall which is continuing a long line of fish stalls in Barnet Market.  Young’s fish stall is a family-run business which has been trading for three generations.  They are based in Ipswich and are able to offer a very wide selection of fish and shellfish thanks to a rapid turnover.  They are also happy to supply catering companies and other retail outlets.                                                                         

Some market traders to remember

We would like to pay tribute to some of the previous stallholders who have been part of Barnet Market for many years by including them in the following. They have contributed greatly to the character of the Market over the years.

Rita and Alan Hammersley

Rita and Alan had a loyal following for their prime, spanking fresh fish, sold at remarkably reasonable prices. Not surprisingly, their stall always had a waiting queue of shoppers who knew good fish when they saw it. It wasn’t just their fish which was a draw; it was Rita and Alan themselves, who always had a smile and a friendly greeting for their customers. Rita teasing Alan, with customers joining in happily, while she and Alan knowledgeably and skilfully prepared the fish – skinning, gutting, filleting with expert flicks of their knives.

Steve Dickinson

Steve ran a fruit and veg stall in Barnet market for about 30 years and was always incredibly cheerful and friendly. Latterly, he suffered from poor health which eventually led to him retiring. He has moved to Bakewell in Derbyshire where he is enjoying not having to get at a ridiculously early hour in the morning.

Tony Watson

Tony was a trader in Barnet Market for 12 years, a relatively short period of time, but he left many memories before his sad passing. He traded in electrical goods and components, and his stock was legendary. On the odd occasion that he could not supply what you wanted, he would go to enormous lengths to get it. He was very friendly and described by many as ‘a true gentleman’.